In the true spirit of human solidarity and internationalism against oppression, injustice and exploitation, I send all of you a warm embrace and greetings, with a clenched fist in the air, in this “Open Letter,” from within the belly of a Supermax control unit prison, and under the bootheel of gestapo fascism behind razor wire and enemy lines, from this concrete tomb of one of Amerika’s notorious gulag concentration camps for the poor, cages occupied by the poor, mainly by people of color who are disproportionately represented in the U.S. Prison Industrial Complex of Mass Incarceration for private, corporate profit, as sanctioned by the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that allows the immoral, criminal system of prison slavery that is destroying human lives, human dignity, by the same capitalist barbarians who rule the world and who are destroying the environment, ecological systems, and the wildlife of Planet Earth, for corporate, militarist profiteering.

The rise of fascism across U.S. cities, society and inside Amerika’s prison houses has moved me to intensify my revolutionary advocacy work and reach outside these prison walls to persons and organizations like you, to stir the senses, to encourage those of you seriously concerned with our social and human condition as an oppressed class, and to step up and organize ourselves into the united, dynamic, creative social forces of resistance that we can, and must, build, in order to take control of our lives, our communities, and our destiny as Justice & Freedom-Loving  must work conscientiously to organize ourselves and fight back and replace this racist, rotten, immoral, repressive and imperialist political socioeconomic system of wage-theft capitalism and imperialism that is destroying human lives, human dignity and innocent civilians, and other abuses by authorities, by armed thugs of the state calling themselves “police,” is widespread in all U.S. communities of color, from New York to California and in between. The police murders of Michael Brown, 12-year old Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Larry Jackson, and many other state-sponsored terrorist crimes against the innocent by armed thugs wearing badges, protected by racist courts, are not isolated incidents. It is a systemic pattern and culture of the core evils of this capitalist class socioeconomic system that is inherently racist to the core that must brutalize, coerce, control and exploit the working class in order to survive. This “Monster of Frankenstein” of this “free enterprise capitalist system” has entered its advanced form of repression called “fascism.” Fascism is a system of government marked by a centralized oligarchy, stringent socioeconomic controls, nationalist patriotic frenzy, and the use of flagrant state violence against the poor and other segments of society it must scapegoat and to blame for the ills of the economic glut between capital and labor. All (14) characteristics of fascism are beginning to re-appear under the current capitalist that is inevitable under wage-theft slavery and the current “glut between capital and labor,” that even the newspapers of U.S. corporations have recognized in an article entitled, “Glut of Capital and Labor Challenges Policy MakersThe Wall Street Journal, 24 April, 2015, by Josh Zumbrun, and Carolyn Cut. Those characteristics are: (1) Powerful continuing nationalism, patriotic frenzy of the ultra-conservative extremism of the right-wing; (2) Disdain for human rights; (3) Identification of enemies, scapegoats as a unifying cause; (4) Supremacy of the U.S. military; (5) Rampant sexism; (6) Controlled mass media; (7) Obsession with national security; (8) Religion and government are intertwined; (9) Corporate power is protected; (10)Labor power is suppressed; (11) Disdain for intellectuals and the arts; (12) Obsession with crime and punishment; (13) Rampant cronyism and corruption, and (14) Fraudulent elections. See, “The Study of Fascist Regimes,” By Dr. Lawrence Britt; further, the racist-hate murders of the [9] innocent black people during a “bible study” at the historic black church in Charleston, South Carolina by the racist extremist inspired by white supremacy and confederate slavery’s history of the south; the “rally” by flag-waving confederate white supremacists through a black neighborhood in Houston, are just the “tip of the iceberg” of what is to come.

The political system, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the National Security Agency, the FBI, ICE, DEA, have long been operating “secret intelligence programs” and have “secret black hole prisons” around the world, as part of this fascist strategy. These agencies are sowing seeds of distrust, misinformation, and to divide and conquer communities of color, turning neighbors against each other, and creating “suspicions” amongst citizens and nurturing a culture of “snitches” of civilians spying on each other and reporting to government. These “intelligence agencies” are illegally wire-tapping private telephone lines, and spying on cyberspace communications and collecting other private and personal data and records from citizens by government randomly, especially those “suspected” of terrorism or terrorist-related activities, all in the name of “national security” and their “war on terrorism,” which in all reality is “war on the poor,” their “war on ethnicity and social dissent and protest.” Under Obama’s 2012 National Defense Authorization Act, the government can now arrest and detain citizens, indefinitely, without any charges or trial. Government is using this law to “criminalize” political free speech, and any legitimate act of opposition or “disloyalty” to government policies, and spy on citizens and groups the government dislikes, under false pretexts and in the name of “national security” as done against New York Criminal Defense Attorney Lynne Stewart for her legitimate “legal defense” of the blind Muslim Cleric convicted in the first World Trade Center bombings in New York City, now imprisoned in the Supermax Control Unit Federal Prison at (ADX)-Florence, Colorado, a prison the subject of many denunciations by renowned international human rights tribunals and world human rights groups. For example, U.S. federal and state prisons have also become “militarized.” The majority of “prison guards” of the James V. Allred Prison Unit located near Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, Texas, are either “retired military” or on “leave” to be redeployed to war zones around the world. Their arrogant “patriotism” shows in their sheer racist brutalities and inhumanities they commit against the captive population, especially against prisoners of the Islamic Faith who possess a “prayer rug” or a Holy Koran, or are labelled “security threat group” prisoners due to their militant political ideas and are involved in protesting human rights violations in Texas prisons, much like this writer who has been solitary confinement going on [13] years in August of this year, and is an internationally recognized political prisoner. See: (List of Political Prisoners). The conditions here are not only inhumane, cruel and unusual punishment, but also constitute “torture” as condemned by the same federal judge that held them unconstitutional years ago in Ruiz v. Johnson, 37 F. Supp. 2d 855, at 940 (1999), original case at Ruiz v. Estelle, 500 F. Supp. 1265 (1980), in violation of international human rights laws and standards. The same “military police” responsible for torture, and other war crimes against detainees in military prisons in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, all learned their evil skills at “interrogation and torture” as “rookies” in state prisons. The hiring of former Texas prison director Lane McCotter, who ruled Texas prisons with an iron fist, by former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, as “prisons director” at Abu Ghraib is a classic example. The world was exposed to the atrocities committed by military police at Abu Ghraib in photos and videos released recording these inhumanities and degrading treatment. See: “Mistreatment of Prisoners Called Routine in U.S., “New York Times, May 8, 2004, (noting the hiring of McCotter by Ashcroft); See also, “Bush at War,” Bob Woodward, (2002).

Furthermore, the inter-connection between the government’s intelligence programs and “Prisons and Prisoners” is clearly shown in the history of the government’s “Red Squads” to spy on, monitor, infiltrate and destroy inside “prison movements” and assassinate prisoner-leadership militants who speak out against these inhumanities, who understand the true nature of prisons under capitalism, and link inside and outside struggles, as one. The recent 800 million dollars of taxpayer’s monies earmarked for the militarization of the borderlands signed by Texas Governor Greg Abbott as the Republican’s “Border Security Bill” are the realities we face. Under the guise of “National Security” fueled by racist right wing political propaganda targeting Mexicans and the undocumented, it is not about immigration and all about corporate profiteering. Such monies will be used to saturate the borderlands with more iron fences, walls, surveillance cameras, high-tech drone aircraft, motion-sensors installed underground, militarized weaponry and patrol boats, hundreds of Rambo-like, trigger-happy cops, and another secret “gang intelligence” program headed by the Texas “DPS” to spy on Texas prisoners, activist groups and citizens, including environmental groups, under pretexts. U.S. imperialism has a known history of manufacturing “reasons“ for invading other countries, and declaring war against them. In Texas, these militarist moves are coming on the heels of allegations of political corruption and criminal securities fraud charges to be presented to a Texas Grand Jury by Special Prosecutors against Texas’ “Chief Law Enforcement Officer” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Republican, and his questionable cronyism hirings; and the separate allegations of “No-Bid Contracts” awarded to insurance and other companies as political cronyism favors to political donors from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in his former position as Texas Attorney General, and the list goes on and on. The “arming” of alleged “Mexican Drug Cartels” under  the  federal government’s “Fast and Furious” clandestine  program exposed by watch groups, was part and parcel of this overall fascist strategy to justify further social control, repression, militarization, and corporate profiteering by the U.S. Oligarchy. Earth First! The Journal of Ecological Resistance, Jun/July 2015, page 25, “Lawless Borderlands; Extensive Loss of Border Wild Lands to Immigration Madness,” by Karen Coulter, put it eloquently: “…[T]he militarization of the border isn’t so much about immigration as it is about social control, depressing of wages, and testing public tolerance for a police state as a pilot project in the south to be expanded to the north.” See also, The Mass Psychology of Fascism, by W. Reich.

The same capitalist corporate profiteers who have enriched themselves with building prison empires and the proliferation of “Supermax Control Unit Prisons” state and federal for our mass incarceration, are the same psychotic barbarians who are destroying the environment, ecological systems, wildlife and planet earth. We must stop this madness and wrestle political power and control away from them before it is too late. We must link our struggles against global capitalism, imperialist militarization, with our struggles to save the earth and all wildlife, its environment and ecological systems before the “world military super powers” initiate an apocalyptic nuclear war as a consequence of reviving global capitalist economies, and the re-division of world markets. We must not allow the establishment media to super-impose typical reformist “leaders” on our communities, for they are merely apologists of the capitalist system dispatched to mislead and to put out the “prairie fires” ignited across the nation, by oppressed people expressing their outrage and indignations against the brutalities, injustices, repression, and crimes against humanity of the capitalist police state against the poor. We must not do like the Ostrich and bury our heads in the sand, pretending these is not happening, nor seek other escapism from these realities that face us, and humanity. There is no way out of these nightmarish conditions but through revolutionary class struggle and resistance and to replace this illegitimate political system. History must be our teacher, our leader. Future generations will disown and condemn our generation if we fail to act now! Love, respect and give mutual aid support and solidarity to each other. Settle your quarrels and build a new and vibrant united front against fascism guided by, revolutionary theory, principles and practice, our social movements across the political, social spectrum must unite and take a leading, vanguard role in these inter-communal struggles, for building mass consciousness and mass mobilization of poor and oppressed communities, nationally and internationally. Seize the time! Build a united revolutionary front against fascism! Save the Earth! All power to the people! All power to the oppressed!

You are at liberty to share the contents of this communique with other persons and organizations in the United States and the world, in linking our community, worldwide and prison struggles against the same common enemy of the human species – global capitalism and imperialism!

                                                                                                                                               - ALVARO LUNA HERNANDEZ
Chicano/Mexicano Political Prisoner

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