Above: Excerpt from an April 13th, 2016 letter from Xinachtli Luna Hernandez to his defense committee and supporters regarding prisoner solidarity.

Dear Alvaro’s Friends, Family, and Supporters,

Xinachtli: Alvaro's New Name
First, we would like to inform Alvaro's supporters that we shall be referring to him as Xinachtli as much as is possible because he regards "Alvaro" as his slave name. 

Xinachtli is Nahuatl for "seed".

Results of April 9th Email Campaign
The April 9th call to action that Xinachtli supporters partook in had the effect of angering prison authorities at the insolent defiance of those who are supposed to be quiet.

But more importantly, it had the effect of showing them and us that his overseers can't do what they want with him because there is a solidaric community overlooking Xinachtli.

New Minimum Objective: Safeguard Xinachtli's Health
The maximum objective remains: emancipation for Xinachtli.  Yet given the grim news recently that he has hepatitis C, his supporters have now a new minimum objective—treatment, so that he does not die from this ailment before emancipation or after.

Who to Email
Therefore, we are urging Xinachtli's supporters to join us on this new front in an email campaign directed at minimum, to the Health Services of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and and Brad Livingston, Executive Director of the TDCJ.  Their emails are

And if you have time, send the same message to the Texas Governor Greg Abbott; your Texas legislators (if in Texas); and John Whitmire, Chair of the Texas Senate's Committee on Criminal Justice, using the email forms found on their pages in the links just provided.

Script for Your Convenience
We're urging you to email the following basic message by Friday, May 6th, 2016 (feel free to copy and paste!),

Email Subject:
concerning health treatment for TDCJ prisoner Alvaro Hernandez, #255735

Email Body:
Dear Officials of the TDCJ and Officials and Representatives of the Texas Government,

I am writing in concern of TDCJ prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez, #255735.

Alvaro has contracted Hepatitis C while in the confines of the Texas prison system.

This in itself constitutes cruel and neglectful treatment to the inmate population and Alvaro himself, and I do not wish to see a worsening of this injustice.

Therefore, I am requesting that the TDCJ

1) acquire for and administer to Alvaro all the necessary Hepatitis C medications for the best treatment;

2) transfer Alvaro to the Montford Medical Unit in Lubbock, TX for placement under a 12-week treatment plan to cure him of this virus;

3) ensure that Alvaro's transfer is carried out humanely, with dignifying accommodations—unlike his March 2016 transfer to Robertson Unit in Abilene, TX—, and that none of his correspondence or possessions are robbed from him by TDCJ authorities under spurious pretenses.


Please contact us if you have any questions. 
Faithfully yours,

April 28, 2016
Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez

512-387-1306 (phone)
PO Box 7907
Austin, TX, 78713