Dear Friends of Alvaro,
Comrades, brothers, sisters, allies, friends, I am so tired of the way they are treating Alvaro, all because they claim he’s part of a “gang” (of revolutionary anarchists!!!)

We thought we had gotten a win – Alvaro was to be transported to Lubbock for Hep-C treatment. Considering what’s going on with Mumia, getting Alvaro the best treatment for Hepatitis-C is considered of life-saving importance to his long term well-being. Many prisoners contract Hepatitis-C because of prison conditions who would not have gotten the disease if they were not incarcerated in over-populated, dirty prisons without adequate medical treatment for cuts (which could happen post fights or sexual assaults). Okay, some of that statistically is stick-and-pokes, but nevertheless the prison has responsibility in Alvaro’s contraction of Hepatitis-C, and it is good that they are giving him the best possible treatment, even though we were obviously concerned over his transport
.  We had been led to understand that Alvaro would be sent to the Montford Unit, the special Psych/Medical Unit, known as the best in TDCJ, for 8 to 12 weeks treatment.

Here’s the good news: Alvaro went to Lubbock to begin his treatment, receiving a liver ultrasound to determine the severity of his case. 

Here’s the bad news: his transport through Amarillo was rough. As always, Alvaro says it best himself:

Woof all, now that he has been returned to Allred, they have upped his security level without justification:

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What can you always do? Write Alvaro!

Use Flikshop – use their return address and get a credit if it’s not forwarded but instead returned; make sure to include your address in case Alvaro is without property.

Use JPay – should forward to whatever unit where he is

Regular snail mail letter? Photocopy your letter or save a digital copy just in case you must resend.

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Alvaro Luna Hernandez
Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park TX 76367

Cantamos y gritamos tu liberacion, Alvaro!!!
Azzurra Crispino
Committee to Free Alvaro Luna Hernandez

Alvaro Luna Hernandez is a Chicano liberationist and anarchist who was targeted for his political organizing. He was arrested without warrant, and sentenced to 50 years for aggravated assault on a peace officer after peacefully disarming Sheriff McDaniels and running. He turns 64 in May. You can find out more about his story at