The 12/22/13 episode of The Final Straw Radio show featues an interview with Alvaro Luna Hernandez, where speaks about his case, his legal history, his political development, and his imprisonment.

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Austin Indymedia has released an interview with Alvaro Luna Hernandez from the Hughes Unit in Gatesville, TX. Alvaro is interviewed by Alan Pogue, recorded on August 28th, 2012.

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This EXCELLENT "Guide to Political Prisoners" released by the NYC ABC is a great resource for current information and corresponednce addresses for many political prisoners (including Alvaro) who need your support. Includes some helpful information on letter-writing campaigns, and how to get involved in the movement. 

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Alvaro's cause was recently featured in a writeup on InfoShop News!

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Source: Denver ABC

Personal Background

Alvaro Luna Hernandez is a Chicano-Mexicano political prisoner sentenced to 50 years in prison for aggravated assault on an officer when he disarmed a sheriff attempting to shoot him.

He was born in Alpine, Texas, in 1952, into a racially segregated society, where police ruled the Chicano barrio with an iron fist. On June 12, 1968, Alvaro was with 16 year old Ervay Ramos and witnessed Ramos murdered in cold-blood by Alpine Police Bud Powers, a known racist cop with a history of brutality against Chicanos. Powers never served a day in jail and escaped justice under the protection of the U.S. judicial system.

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(Alvaro's 58th Birthday, is Wednesday, May 12)

Greetings good friends & lovers of freedom…

Next Wednesday will be Chicano/Mexicano Political Prisoner Alvaro Luna Hernandez' 58th Birthday, on May 12th, so please find the time to write a brief letter of solidarity in support for Alvaro's personal act of resistance, and/or a birthday greeting; it will be appreciated as he is presently 2/3rds through the 8th year in Administrative Segregation (solitary isolation) at the Alfred D. Hughes Unit, in Gatesville, Texas (not quite a "stone's throw" as the crow flies from Bush's Ranch) - his lines of outside communication are always most important in dealing with the psychological and emotional deprivation of Ad-Seg.

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Sheriff Jack McDaniel of Alpine, Texas, On July 18, 1996 arrived to arrest Alvaro at his home on a trumped up charge of aggravated robbery When the unarmed Alvaro questioned the sheriff's action, the officer drew his weapon. Before he could shoot, Alvaro disarmed him and fled. (At the trial for robbery, Alvaro represented himself and had the charge dismissed.). No warrant for the arrest had been issued.

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