Writing letters is a direct and powerful way to show your support for political prisoners like Alvaro. Your communication provides a connection with the outside world - let Alvaro know that he has an ally in you!

You can write to Alvaro at the following address:

Alvaro Luna Hernandez
James V Allred Unit
2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park TX 76367

The New York ABC offers some great insight on letter-writing to prisoners - they also host local letter-writing nights (including one for Alvaro on July 8, 2014). Check with your local ABC Chapter or prison activist group for similar actions in your area, or start your own!


If you're interested in helping Alvaro financially, you can donate directly to his prison commisary account online using JPay.

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Distribute information about Alvaro and publicize his case locally, internationally. This is key to winning support of the mass movement necessary for Alvaro's freedom. Master copies of literature can be downloaded directly from the site. Copying and distributing these is essential.

The Committee will also use donations and other funds to produce bumper-stickers, posters, T-shirts, buttons, record freedom songs by recognized rap, hip-hop, conjunto artists and groups, appeal to celebrities for support, and produce a documentary film, and a exhibit in the case for presentation at events around the world. We will appeal to the United Nations Commission on Human Rights to investigate Alvaro's case in that Alvaro was a delegate to the UN General Assembly in March 1993 and addressed the Commission on Human Rights In Geneva, Switzerland on human rights violations in the US and the illegal imprisonment of political prisoners, pows in US prisons and jails.

There must be a united front effort to winning Alvaro's freedom. Alvaro's work in the areas of barrio/community/youth empowerment, makes his case worthy of addressing to your local Chicano/a, Mexicano/a, Latino/a community, as Alvaro was a much-invited quest speaker at many events, conferences, universities as a free man. Let word about Alvaro's case spread like a prairie fire!


Think solitary confinement is a social evil? Do your own twist on this great idea for a demo and engage the public to write to Alvaro at the same time! 

Organizations around the country are hosting events and actions for and including Alvaro and his case. If you are doing a benefit event (music, film, conference, etc.) or project on social justice, the criminal justice system, or on political prisoners, please consider including Alvaro's case and distribution of Committee materials at such events. Contact us at freealvaronow [at] gmail.com to let us know about your upcoming event involving Alvaro, and we will promote it on the site and on social media.

[ Check out our Call to Action section for more  information ]

If you're interested in attending an event in your area, follow us on Twitter for real-time updates on any current or upcoming events.


Appeal: Alvaro is currently working with esteemed habeas writ writer Attorney John Jasuta and has private investigators working on his case. Please get in touch if you would like to donate directly to his legal defense fund.

Civil Rights: Alvaro has recently been transferred to a new unit and is facing additional challenges within administrative segregation. Earlier this year, he was transported to a new unit under atrocious conditions then he was denied access to some of his property due to legal materials counting against his volume restrictions. Recently, we have received word he has been placed on a health diet restriction and been moved to a segregated medical pod within SHU. He is interested in teaming up with lawyers and activists interested in exposing horrible prison conditions within TDCJ as well as helping him to get access to better medical care.


Consider starting a local freedom campaign support group, or high school, university movement for Alvaro. If you have the time, interest and passion to get involved with the Committee and to support Alvaro and work more closely with the campaign, we are looking to bring fresh people as organizers, spokespersons, and to serve as local, or international contacts, to publicize the case around the world.

We'd be happy to help you get started - write us at freealvaronow [at] gmail.com or check out our Downloads section for literature and materials.

More ways to help will be listed as they become available.


Alvaro won't be free, nor will any social injustice corrected, until we start to build a mass movement united in all the diverse movement organizations in the US and the world. We must abolish prisons and bring an end to all the injustices of the prison-industrial complex, including long-term solitary confinement (administrative segregation). We come together to support and to defend our current and former political prisoners whose only "crime" was to struggle for justice and for the national liberation, self-determination of their respective communities, like Alvaro, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Leonard Peltier, Jaan Laaman, Sundiata Acoli, Oscar Lopez Rivera, Sekou Odinga, and hundreds other freedom fighters languishing away in US prisons and jails, while this government criticizes other countries for the mistreatment of its political prisoners, yet spitting our more of its imperialist lies around the world.