Xinachtli’s Denied Parole

Alvaro Luna Hernandez

Dear Friends of Xinachtli,

Well the other ‘Jack-Boot’ finally dropped, I got word that his Parole Review was Denied, the next ‘Set-off’ is set for an incredible (3) more years!! This is hard to believe, what with the Texas Elder Prisoner Populations continuing to growing older, and many of these, with serious health issues, they will cling to
their ‘musty’ old ‘records’ to form their opinions, some record like Comrade “Xinachtli’s,” maxing-out at 40+ years or more, to fulfill a grudge – don’t they get it?

Excerpt from his letter of September 14th…

“…OK, that being out of the way, although I clinged to some hope in getting set free, the stark reality is that how can someone like me, hated by the system-demagogues and right-wing ideologues, who dominate Texas politics, expect fair treatment and a showing of HUMAN COMPASSION, GIVEN THE MANY FACTORS IN MY FAVOR, by a pack of rabid-hyena wolves that are now leading the racist, right-wing EVANGELICAL CRUSADE, LED BY Texas Governor GREG ABBOTT…” (y’all can extrapolate the rest, a recap of U.S. politics the past 4 years…particularly here in Texas).

People DO change whatever it takes that’s necessary to LIVE without having ones’ honor and pride stepped on! I guess that they wanted him to get down on his knees and grovel and admit he’s truly a menacing Security Threat Group member, and renounce the lies they fabricated and bought off ‘snitches,’ they heaped on him, and wouldn’t allow him to defend himself, at their “Kangaroo Court” that he was railroaded at in 2002 – otherwise, you all know the story, he would have long gone been out by now.

I don’t know what to say, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your help to liberate “Xinachtli,” and I’m very proud of everyone who was able to send letters of support; the fact that the decision took a good (2) months, reflects that we gave it out best shot. Please write to him, and let him know we are still there, and hope his health can hold through this next phase of the journey, ‘cuz, second & third-time-charm ain’t always coming around that easy – I could maybe accept a 2-year ‘Set-off!!’ But, sorry, I guess I am now running out of words.

En Solidaridad, Twitch – Entropy

“Comite Pro Defensa Xinachtli”

Central Texas ABC P.O. Box 7907

Austin, Texas – 78713


Ballad of Alvaro Luna Hernandez

by David Rovics



Alvaro Luna Hernandez started life with a shorted hand
Growing up in Texas, on occupied land
His troubles with the law, and with the Sheriff of Alpine
Resulted from a racist gang, crossing every line
Of respect for human decency, vicious thugs in blue
Who have ruled the hills of Texas since long before ’52

In the middle of the twentieth, when Alvaro was born
It wasn’t long before the first time he was torn
From the streets of Alpine, to a windowless cell
When the cops kicked his head, til no one could tell
If he’d live or die – and somehow, he was breathing still
When the morning sun was shining in the Texas hills

Alvaro Luna Hernandez grew up to lead the fight
Against police corruption, and for human rights
Falsely accused of murder, incessantly harassed
A young life in constant danger, quickly flying past
So on the day a cop came to his house, pointed his gun
Alvaro knocked it out of the officer’s hands, and he did run

Alvaro Luna Hernandez hid out underground
After the biggest manhunt in West Texas, they fired many rounds
He managed to surrender, without being shot
And that was the last breath out of prison that he ever got
The trial was a sham, and he was given fifty years
Sentenced by the machine, to be ground up in the gears

Since 1996, a quarter century ago
In solitary confinement they’ve kept our Alvaro
He’s now lived to be an old man, and whether he ever leaves
Justice in the USA exists only for the thieves
Who came and stole this country, declared it to be theirs
Slavemasters in power, Chicanos in the crosshairs

Alvaro Luna Hernandez started life with a shorted hand
Growing up in Texas, on occupied land


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