An Epic Geopolitical Biography: The Colonization of Texas and the U.S. Southwest and The Enduring Legacy of an Untold Holocaust and a History Yet to Be Written

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“[C]olonialism is not satisfied with merely holding a people in its grip and emptying their brains of all content. By a perverse kind of logic, it turns to the past of an oppressed people, and distorts, disfigures, and destroys it. This work of devaluing precolonial history takes on a dialectical significance today……” – FRANTZ FANON, WRETCHED OF THE EARTH, (London Penguin Books, 1967)







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2023 will mark 200 years of one of the most horrific HOLOCAUST OF THE AMERICAS, buried in the design of obscurity, of a falsified history to be sadly “celebrated” by many as the glorious BICENTENNIAL of the founding of the notorious TEXAS RANGERS, vigilante paramilitary militia created in the making of Texas, who were known by the terrorized Mexican natives and other indigenous of Texas, as LOS DIABLOS TEJANOS, or the Tejano Devils, a bloodthirsty hire of lawless white supremacy, and enforcers of colonial rule.

The so-called “Texas War of Independence of 1823” and the Mexican American war of 1846-48, were both colonial wars for land grabs and expansion of racial capitalism and plantation slavery. The GADSDEN PURCHASE OF 1853 sealed the U.S. Yankee colonization of formerly owned Northern Mexico’s lands, setting in motion a pattern of unspeakable brutalities,  lynchings,  massacres,  the falsification of history depicting Mexicans and indigenous tribes as dirty, filthy, inferior, uncivilized savages, in the creation of stereotypes, myths, and lies to justify such state terrorism.

This colonial conquest was the result of MANIFEST DESTINY, a racist white supremacist ideology crafted in the “halls of granite marble political houses” in Washington D.C. of the originalist colonizers to invade the West, conquer it and reduce all non-white natives to the status of “plantation slaves” owned by the white race. Even ADOLPH HITLER praised “the American model” of exterminating of natives from Texas lands,  “…equating the expelled indigenous with those of Eastern Europe…emulated by Washington in the 1830’s and 1840’s” quoting Professor GERALD HORNE, UNIV. Houston Afro American Studies & History, in his comprehensive historical analysis in his book titled THE COUNTER REVOLUTION OF 1836: TEXAS SLAVERY & JIM CROW AND THE ROOTS OF U.S. FASCISM, 2022, INTL. PUBLISHERS. See also, JOHN WHITMAN, HITLER’S AMERICAN MODEL: THE UNITED STATES AND THE MAKING OF NAZI RACE LAW,  Princeton UNIV.  PRESS 2017.,  HORNE,  [in] EPILOGUE, THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES, page 569 & note 2.  Mexicanos and all other “brown skinned peoples” were detained and hauled off in chains by the TEXAS RANGERS, and other racist vigilante croups, before defacto, drunkard “judges” such as JUDGE ROY SEAN, in mock kangaroo courts, such as the legendary LAW WEST OF THE PECOS saloon converted into a “court” for criminalizing all non-whites as “criminals and “bandits” before such fraudulent judicial system, declaring them all “personas non-grata” as ethnic cleansing swept the territories in the new occupied lands, deporting all of the detained natives north of the Rio Grande River border-boundary established by the use of military force in forcing Mexico, at the point of weapons, and threats of invading and taking all of Mexico, unless it agreed to signing peace treaties and the illegal TREATY OF GUADALUPE HIDALGO in February 2, 1848, to end the Mexican American War and ceded the Mexican territories of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Colorado, and parts of Utah, Wyoming and Nevada.  See GRISWALD DEL CASTILLO, 1974. LOPEZ. CAL.  LAW REV. 1974;  SWANSON,  CULT OF GLORY 2020,  HORNE, 2022[.]

The end of the Mexican American War was in paper only, as this “war” has continued today under the modern-day industrial fascist state, of the rise of right-wing fascism that has swept not only Texas but the entire United States, as many reported incidents of the rise of racial hatred and violence against people of color, the LG8TO community, immigrants,

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labor unions, the poor and prisoners who demand their human dignity against a genocidal  “criminal justice system” that today,  2024, imprisons more than 2 million persons, with the highest per capita in the world, known as the United States earning the title “the prison capital of the world.” (Lobel 2002).  The own government’s BUREAU OF JUSTICE STATISTICS,  confirm these figures and reflects that BLACKS, CHICANOS, LATINOS, NATIVE AMERICANS, together compromise a majority of the imprisoned disproportionately represented in the U.S. PRISON INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.  See MICHELLE ALEXANDER, THE. NEW JIM CROW: MASS INCARCERATION IN THE AGE OF COLORBLINDNESS, The New Press, 2010: Of these numbers,  80  to 100,000 prisoners today are caged in solitary, supermax control unit concrete tombs under racist and inhumane conditions, and especially the more prison activists who defend their fundamental human and constitutional rights demanding humane treatment under civil rights laws, and international human rights laws, which, again, and again, THE MAJORITY AS ETHNIC PRISONERS AND PRISONERS OF COLOR, a testimony to the inherent nature of AmeriKKKa’s “criminal justice system,” exposing its utter hypocrisy and imperialist lies that AMERIKKKA IS THE MORAL LEADER OF THE WORLD AND THE CHAMPION OF HUMAN RIGHTS, but equally guilty of committing monstrous crimes against humanity, in history such as the nuclear bombs dropped against civilians in Hiroshima and Nagasiski, its geneses of being a colonizer plantation slavery nation, since COLONIZATION WAS INCORPORATED AS THE TYRANNY OF LAW IN the 1823 decision known as the “doctrine of the right of discovery” legalizing the conquering of indigenous lands and barring legitimate owners of these native lands to file claims for the return of their stolen lands, per the case JOHNSON V. MCINTOSH. The REPUBLIC OF TEXAS, now the STATE OF TEXAS has always played a pivotal role AS THE HEAD OF THE FASCIST SNAKE, past and present. One must be totally subsumed by fear, or suffering “delusions”   in the psychosis of the clinical MENTAL DISORDERS COLONIALISM HAS EMBEDDED INTO THE PSYCHE OF VICTIMS OF YANKEE COLONIALISM, for not to see the forest because of the trees, or betraying the real oppressed people, by “looking the other way” and allowing such wholescale oppression, injustices and genocide in the form of NEOCOLONIAL, FASCIST GOVERNMENT POLICIES AND PRACTICES, that also concerns its prison systems, wherein the author of this essay writes this essay from his caged tomb in Texas prison’s infamous MCCONNELL SUPERMAX CONTROL UNIT PRISON, known as the “worst of any prison”  DR. CRAIG HANEY, renowned prison psychologist noted in his testimony on behalf of the Texas prisoner class in the celebrated RUIZ V. ESTELLE prison conditions litigation officially published at RUIZ V. JOHNSON 37 F.  Supp. 2d 855,  at page 908  (DR. HANEY’S testimony), recorded in March 1991, conditions of which remain racist, oppressive and torturous in violation of international human rights laws and standards including in violation of the CONVENTION AGAINST TORTURE AND THE NELSON MANDELA RULES, and various human rights instruments. Many books, films and other neo-Nazi propaganda has been produced to justify this ugly history, a history that still today remains buried in myths and imperialist lies,  CRIMINALIZING ANYONE OR ANY THING THAT SPEAKS ABOUT, OR WRITES ABOUT TRUE HISTORY, OUTSIDE AND INSIDE PRISON WALLS.

Then came courageous scholars, academia, historians and human rights activists that began writing essays about the true nature of this ugly history. The ruling class is fearful for they know that teaching

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people their true history, the true nature of one, as brainwashed, and manipulated to “pledge allegiance to an imperialist U.S. flag” and to falsely believe that we all live in “true freedom” under this neocolonial, capitalist, and imperialist system of wage-theft robbery of the working class labor power, to make the rich richer, as they exploit our labor power, and organize their “think tanks” in government, such as the COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS, ‘the think tank of monopoly capitalism, also known as Wall Street’s think tank,” (SHOUP, MONTHLY REVIEW pg. 24, MAY 2024,) as there is a known change in demographics, making people of color majorities in major U.S. cities, including Texas, and the weakening Of U S imperialist hegemonic rule around the globe, has all intensified domestic repression INSIDE THE BELLY OF THE BEAST AS WELL AS ACROSS THE NATION, with such examples as the criminalization of three members and supporters of the AFRICAN PEOPLE’S SOCIALIST PARTY, and the UHURU MOVEMENT for speaking out against U.S./NATO, the military arm of U.S. imperialism; the criminal indictments against 61 activists protesting COP CITY IN ATLANTA, GEORGIA, and the criminal charges brought against five members of the TAMPA BAY STUDENTS FOR A DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY during their rally at the University of South Florida denouncing the school’s ban on “diversity, equity and inclusion” signed into law by fascist tyrant RON DESANTIS and his extreme right-wing political party, that like in Texas, has ruled Florida for decades, using “law” as their favorite weapon of tyranny, HISTORY REPEATING ITSELF AGAIN since foreign colonizers first set foot in North American soil, changing the course of world history, civilization and humanity.  The rulers fear teachings of true history and the ugly legacy of plantation slavery, through essays, theses and writings produced by courageous scholars, such as journalist NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES 1619 PROJECT on the history of slavery, that immediately received rebuke by the ruling class and by then President DONALD TRUMP who immediately convened his 1776 COMMISSION to discredit the 1619 PROJECT essay, inflaming all of his right wing followers to criminalize the teachings of CRITICAL RACE THEORY, BLACK LIBERATION THEOLOGY, CHICANO LATINO CRITICAL RACE THEORY, INDIGENOUS AND NATIVE AMERICAN CRITICAL RACE THEORY banning colleges and universities from teaching true history, and threats against University Professors who taught the origins of slavery and the sciences of such a neocolonialism embedded in the psyche and the body-politic of all modern day industrial institutions, and government, a government that has acted, and is acting as a tyrannical one, acting to suppress and oppress its populace acting contrary to the “social contract” the electorate bestowed on them as “established politicians,” of a government that has always betrayed that trust, a government the same founding DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE OF 1776 recognized the inalienable right of the people to alter and abolish a government that acts to oppress people and not to secure the enshrined principles of LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.      THE ANTI-CRITICAL RACE THEORY MOVEMENT OF THE FASCISTS HAS TAKEN ROOT IN U.S. WHITE SUPREMACIST SOCIETY, AS WELL AS INSIDE AMERIKKKA’S PRISONS, as this author has denounced through many years of struggle as a human rights activist, targeted by the forces of COINTELPRO  forces to silence his militancy and dissent. See […];;; FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE, etc. The “heart and soul” of the AmeriKKKAN juggernaut empire

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has been the system of colonialism, today still creating suffering, and destruction mostly against people of color, and the catastrophic destruction of the planet’s ecosystems and environment,  especially in communities of color. With good reason, the UNITED NATIONS declared COLONIALISM A WAR CRIME AND A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY calling for its end, and guaranteeing the victims of such a evil, cruel and criminal system the inalienable right to abolish it by any means necessary, and including popular people’s social revolution, to bring its end, and to free the “wretched of the earth,” to not only free labor from the bondages of capital, but to save planet earth before it is destroyed by the greed and insatiable lust for more excess wealth for the oil oligarchs that rule the U.S. government and its transnational corporations IN THE SERVICE OF INTERNATIONAL MONOPOLY FINANCIAL CAPITAL as fossil fuel carbon emissions[.] [incomplete] The hot question before us and the rest of the world is to decolonize colonialism, to free labor from the chains of capital exploitation and, as FRANTZ FANON once put it “to bring the life of Nation” (and world) back to a humanism minus neocolonial, capitalist, imperialist narratives of racism, oppression and injustices.

PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE NO DIFFICULTY IN STANDING UP AND TAKING PART IN A GENUINE PEOPLE’S LIBERATION MOVEMENT TO END NEOCOLONIALISM, CAPITALISM AND IMPERIALISM, THE COMMON ENEMIES OF HUMANITY AND PLANET EARTH. Right before he reached full blossom of revolutionary thought, as he was in evolution, before an assassin’s bullet ended his legacy in 1968 at the balcony of the LORRAINE MOTEL in Memphis, Tennessee, DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. was moving to denounce the Viet Nam war as an imperialist war, and calling on the populace to engage in a “revolution of values” rejecting patriarchy, materialism, militarism not placing “property rights” over people’s basic human needs and rights, and to embrace a new humanism, a new ethos of community care, community love, sisterhood, brotherhood, unity and solidarity as a means of getting involved in changing the world. WE, ESPECIALLY THE IMPRISONED, ARE “MAKERS OF HISTORY,” AS THE MOST OPPRESSED AND MARGINALIZED BY THE CAPITALIST RULING CLASS, and welcome the struggle to change the world, earn the trust of our communities, many of us disrespected and abused as victims of conditioned attitudes, habits and practices, shake off the chains of mental oppression and join the liberation movement to free us all, and planet earth before it is too late, as NUCLEAR SABER RATTLING FROM THE. NUCLEAR SUPERPOWERS HAS BEGUN THREATENING USE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS THAT WOULD SPARK WORLD WAR III, AND THE END OF PLANET EARTH AND CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT……

WE CALL ON historians, scholars, academia, Ethnic Studies Departments, the University Student Movement journalists, social media, social workers, movement lawyers, jailhouse lawyers, and human rights activists to join the movement to free our imprisoned Freedom Fighter XINACHTLI, aka ALVARO LUNA HERNANDEZ, a human rights activist with a long history of struggles, and to support his freedom campaign, this year 2024, as supported by many civil rights and human rights groups, and lawyers, including the NEW YORK CITY NATIONAL JERICHO MOVEMENT TO FREE ALL USA POW, POLITICAL PRISONERS.




BETITA PRESENTE, 1926-2021 !



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When prison gates open real dragons will fly out! [picture of “North America” with metal bars over the USA and a red dragon above everything, emanating from a red star in mid-Texas]