5 June 2024 Zap Is Over

The zap announced on 5 June 2024 is over. Xinachtli has a functional tablet as of today.

Thank you to those who were in direct conversation with us in the process of sharing the work and giving report backs of the responses of different targets; and thank you to those who were in the process of pitching in, including folks like It’s Going Down who took the initiative to check in.

The issues that Xinachtli was facing are not unique to prisoners at his unit, in Texas or in the USA. For example, the new Securus system of tablets and digital mail it offers comes with a new experience of not receiving any USPS mail for weeks at a time when those awful products inevitably (and frequently) break down, creating worse types of communication breakdown with the outside world and even one’s attorney. Because of this he wasn’t even able to speak to his parole attorney for a scheduled meeting. Now we have to scramble to try to make that meeting happen that was hard to make happen in the first place. Securus is another grifter entity in the prison death-system, whereby impoverished prisoners feel compelled to buy an entirely new tablet (as Xinachtli did, again, for at least $130) in the hopes of quicker restoration of service.

In any case, thank you for checking in.