Letter from Revolutionary Prisoner Xinachtli 11/2016

“[I]t is our duty to fight for our freedom. It is our duty to win. We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains…”
– Sister Assata Shakur, soldier, Black Liberation Army, in exile in Cuba

Monday, 07 November 2016
Allred Prison Slave KKKamp

…In the true spirit of revolutionary internationalism, in fierce resistance against the forces of global capitalism and imperialism, I write to acknowledge receipt of your communique, the 3 page newsletter being denied by the fascist forces of censorship of the prison, hoping this missive finds all in the very best of health and struggling spirit, as it leaves me from within the confines of this capitalist dehumanizing cage, where I am being held in captivity by the U.S. political police state machine, as part of this government’s “class war” against social poor people’s popular liberation movements and our militancy and dissent. MUERTE AL CAPITALISMO, IMPERIALISMO!

Thank you for your warm revolutionary support and solidarity and in letting me know about world events of interest, in our mutual global struggles against global capitalism and imperialism. The prison political intelligence police, however, denied the newsletter you send me, as attached. If you did not get a “notice” of its denial, you can file a compliant with Jennifer Smith of the prison’s mail system coordinators’ panel, at jennifersmith@tdcj.texas.gov.*

Although the prison’s correspondence rules require notice to all parties when an item of incoming mail is being rejected, the prison here at Allred has a custom of disregarding the mail rules, specially when it comes to me, and their persistent “witch hunt” campaign against me to censor my incoming mail, as part of their design of always seeking to isolate me from knowledge of world events, and to destroy outside support for the Texas prisoners’ struggles, and to sever the genuine relations we seek to build, nationally and internationally, with other support activists and groups.

However, the prison will never be able to break my spirit and my human will to fight back against this wrongful police frame-up political imprisonment, the U.S. imperialist forces do not want the world to know, of how they criminalized and gangsterized my legitimate actions at the national liberation and self-determination of my oppressed people, and the war criminal and genocidal acts we have endured at the hands of these neo-nazi war criminals, their land thefts, and the continued enslavement of my people, as an internal colony of Yankee colonialism and imperialism, what I call the holocaust of the Americas, of the white colonial settler wars of conquest and military annexation for the expansion of capitalism that rage on today, specially in the military-imposed border at the Rio Grande River in the occupied territories.

Please continue to spread the word to the rest of the concerned world in your part of the globe of our ongoing struggles against this racist, fascist, criminal prison system, and for the return of our stolen lands, lands robbed by and through colonial wars of occupation, and the wrongful political imprisonment of freedom fighters like myself, seen as “threats” to the U.S. fascist slave empire. The greatest “crimes against humanity” are that our usurpers, hungry for land and the lure of Western gold, in their dreams of domination constructed “confederate slave states” and erected their “national monuments and museums”, celebrating and glorifying their genocidal war crimes against our people that are spread all across these occupied territories, of us, the rightful owners of these stolen lands, who colonialism converted into “illegal aliens” and “foreigners” in our own indigenous, native homeland. With good reason the United Nations has condemned colonialism declaring it a crime against humanity, and have called for the decolonization of all occupied territories, guaranteeing the inalienable right of the victims of colonialism to armed struggle to free themselves from the yoke of colonial governments and neo-colonial systems, which we continue to be enslaved by. We have our own “Nelson Mandelas” of the U.S.!

In other related matters, the Abolitionist Law Center recently contacted me, offering their “legal support” in challenging my prolonged solitary confinement, the denial of medical care for my Hepatitis C condition, and the possibilities of searching for other “habeas attorneys” to re-open my case of political imprisonment, to expose the police frame-up and the gross misconduct of police and prosecutors in convicting me for the offense of disarming a racist, pig thug Sheriff in self-defence, who was out to assassinate me, in order to silence my protests against his racist, police pig brutality and history of murdering in cold blood Chicano youth in our Chicano barrio, a legacy of community-police confrontations that have always marked the iron fist of U.S. Yankee colonial rule enforced by police pigs and the “Texas Rangers” police army, enforcers of colonial rule; for which I was sentenced to 50 years in prison by an almost all-white jury, which is akin to a death sentence for me, related to these racist, torturous, oppressive, repressive conditions I am forced to endure in this Texas prison’s Supermax High Security Control Unity, in Iowa Park, known as “the Guantanamo of Texas prisons.” See Paul Solotaroff, writer, Men’s Journal, March 2016, (“Texas-style Injustice” – article on the exoneration of Texas black prisoner Chris Scott for a crime he did not commit).

I will keep you posted on these new developments on the support from the Abolitionist Law Center attorney/executive director Dustin McDaniel. Attorney McDaniel can be contacted at dsm@abolitionistlawcenter.org, in Pittsburgh, PA, to thank him for the law center’s support of me, and the cause of U.S. prisoners similarly situated. P.O. Box 8654, Pittsburgh, PA, 15221.

The center is also representing political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal, related Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections refusal to treat Mumia his acute Hepatitis C condition that threatens his life. A December 9th rally is slated in PA, organized by the Real Justice Coalition in support of Mumia, and they can be reached at mobilization4mumia@gmail.com.

It is important that the world community make it known to U.S. prison authorities and the rest of the world about our related struggles for justice, freedom and liberation, and to expose the U.S. imperialist lies that the U.S. holds no PoW/political prisoners, and that the U.S. government is the “champion of human rights” and the “moral leader of the world” while blood drips from its genocidal, murderous hands, a government that has always spoken with a forked tongue and who continues to relegate indigenous nations, and other internal colonies and people of color to their “Indian reservations” and ravaging their sacred burial grounds and homelands, like in the struggles ongoing now in North Dakota of indigenous tribes seeking to stop the oil pipeline through their lands, that would pollute the land and poison their drinking water, all in the name of big oil corporations!

Take care! Stay in close touch. Spread the word! Tell the world about me and our struggles here in the U.S. fascist juggernaut!

Love, respect, support, resistance and solidarity against global capitalism and imperialism! By the way, the 2017 Certain Days calendar that features my art/bio is now available from them at: info@certaindays.org www.certaindays.org (Canada).

En solidaridad revolucionaria


Alvaro Luna Hernandez, #255735

James V. Allred Unit

2101 FM 369 North

Iowa Park, Texas 76367


* [note from the person typing this up: predictably, they didn’t send me the denial notice they were meant to]


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