Solidarity statements from PPs for RDTW 2016!

From Denver Anarchist Black Cross (ABC)

RDTW 2016

Political Prisoner Hanif Shabazz Bey’s Statement on Running Down the Walls 2016

Much respect to the organizers of this annual run, and the participants. I have been a runner since 1970, but now as I am turning 66, and the only place I have access to run is around a concrete basketball court, my running is limited, in an effort to preserve my knees.

I would run much more if I could run on a dirt surface, but for now, I do “Jumping Jacks”, “Burpees”, and work the “Universal Machine.” However, on September 4th and 11th, I will run for a half hour on each of those days, because running is a very spiritual act. So on those days, I will run with you in the spirit of Geronimo, Nat Turner, and Joe Hill in fervent resistance!

Regardless of who goes into the White House, Hillary or Donald, 2017 promises to be a year where the downtrodden masses will have to circle the wagons in order to withstand the walls of oppression. So let us all have a strong run, with resistance to oppression on our minds!

Hanif S. Bey

Hanif Shabazz Bey (Beaumont Gereau)
Seguro Correctional Center
1252 E. Arica Rd.
Eloy, AZ 85131


Chicano Political Prisoner Alvaro Xinachtli Hernandez’s solidarity statement on Running Down the Walls 2016

As salaam aliakum! Alhamdulillah!

In the true spirit of internationalism and solidarity with all resistance movements of the oppressed against global capitalism and imperialism worldwide, especially amongst the domestic internal colonies enslaved by yankee colonialism and imperialism in the occupied territories of the U.S. southwest. I salute all of you with a firm revolutionary embrace and a clenched fist in the air from within the belly of the beast, and thank you for the many years of persistent support, financial and otherwise that the ABCF Warchest has given me. From the bottom of my heart, I say GRACIAS! Thank you! Much success in the upcoming Running Down The Walls event for 2016!

The forces of fascism, outside and inside the prison walls, are on the rise, fanned and fueled by the cycle of “presidential electoral politics,” where the established elitist parties fight over who is to be slave-master extraordinaire who holds the capitalist cat-o-nine-tails whip over the working class. They intensify their traditional racist, reactionary, fear and hate mongering, their xenophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, sexism, classism, the stereotyping of immigrants as “criminals,” the militarization of police in communities of color, the police terror of unarmed, innocent civilians, their nurturing of a culture of “government snitches,” to create mistrust and dived the people, as their war against the poor, immigrants, people of color and the working class. There is no way out of these capitalist conditions and tyranny but through class struggle. Workers must unite internationally, seize control of their own communities, seize political power, take control of their own destiny and dismantle the current capitalist system and be a truly free people. The Republican and Democrat political parties are one and the same animal that feeds from the same pig trough. They do not respect the interests of the workers, but are parties of the rich and elite one percent in perversion of their “capitalist democracy” and their lavish corporations and their extravagant lifestyle and their insane “values” they represent as masters and rulers of society and the world. Which includes their system of genocidal mass incarceration of people of color as “surplus accumulation” for their prison industrial corporations sustain by brute prisoner slave labor. Only a political economic system in the total control of workers’ collectives, of the ownership and distribution of the means of production and distribution to meet social and human needs, not make the rich richer, can we all be free of these capitalist barbarians!!!

Keep pounding the ground! We are in here for you!! YOU MUST continue to be out there for us freedom fighters!!!

Hasta la Victoria, siempre! Venceremos! All power to the people!

August 1st 2016 – in memory of all Black August Martyrs!!!

In solidarity,

(Nahuatl for “Germinating seed”)
Alvaro Luna Hernandez #255735
James V. Allred Supermax Control Unit
2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park, TX 76367

(outside contact: or
please circulate worldwide!!!


Political Prisoner Jaan Laaman’s Statement on Running Down the Walls 2016

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Hello, this is Jaan Laaman and I want to send a positive, powerful revolutionary salute to all you freedom runners, runners for justice, for human rights, for dignity, for political prisoners and all prisoners, held in cages across the United States.

Here in 2016, America remains the biggest prison house in the world, over 2 ¼ million men, women and children are locked up in state, federal, local and private prisons from see to shining sea.
But being in prison, does not mean that we cannot and should not continue to struggle for human rights, justice and freedom. Running Down the Walls is one good way for all of us, in prison yards, segregation rec pens, in city parks and streets, to call for justice and freedom for America’s political prisoners and all prisoners.

Yes, here in the federal pen in Tucson, a multinational group of young and old runners will be joining with all of you across the country in Running Down the Walls. We will be running on September 4th and we will be joining you in spirit, will all of you September 11th runners too.

So, enough talking, let’s get to running, running down these walls.

Jaan Laaman

Jaan Laaman
USP Tuscon
Post Office Box 24550
Tuscon, Arizona 85734


Political Prisoner Bill Dunne’s Statement on Running Down the Walls 2016

Salutations and Felicitation to All My Running Down the Walls Comrades,

We share today activity to build solidarity and community between the diverse parts of our body politic. We sweat and strain to develop and demonstrate our commonality. We carry for our vision of the most equitable social reality. We include our present and potential comrades in this work, this effort, this labor of love and struggle – and especially include those who circumstances let only their spirits run with us. We all run toward the same goal: the social revolution in which all of us will have the greatest possible freedom to develop our full human potential. We else would we go?

The Future Holds Promise
Bill Dunne
FCC Lompoc-Medium

Bill Dunne #10916-086
USP Lompoc
3901 Klein Boulevard
Lompoc, California 93436


Political Prisoner Kojo Bomani Sababu’s Statement on Running Down the Walls 2016


Although I’m, unable to contribute with the funding due to my immursement, my words of encouragement should fill the void.

Your energy, synergistic as it is, ensures that our struggle has a human face, one that exhibits concern regardless of the condition.

Everyone feels the upliftment you provide.
Kojo Bomani Sababu POW

Kojo Bomani Sababu (Grailing Brown)
USP Canaan
Post Office Box 300
Waymart, Pennsylania 18472

Kojo Bomani Sababu is a New Afrikan Prisoner of War, currently serving a 55 year sentence for actions with the Black Liberation Army and attempted prison escape with Puerto Rican Independista Oscar López Rivera. Sababu was convicted of one count of conspiracy for an alleged escape plan that included the use of rockets, hand grenades, and a helicopter.

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